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Through our work with healthcare companies, we have noted a persistent problem - gaps in the patient journey that diminish the patient experience. These gaps consist of missing or poorly timed information and a lack of meaningful communication.
That's why we developed the Spark Program, a comprehensive and proprietary engagement program filled with powerful interactions, called Sparks. Each Spark is timed for the right moment and delivers personalized content and communication to guide and engage patients on their health journey.

The Spark  Program

Ignite A Spark


Timed Content & Communications

Sparks are presented when it matters most, at the right micro-moments along a patient's health journey.


Engaging Content & Communications

Sparks are interactive content and communications like videos, 3D animations, forms, and surveys.


Personalized Content & Communications

Sparks are tailored to each patient to address his/her specific condition and stage of care.

The Spark Effect


Enriches Touch Points

Sparks personalized communications create meaningful interactions between the care team and patient, nurturing these relationships.


Improves Health Literacy

Sparks engaging content improves patient understanding, increasing adherence to treatment plans and improving clinical outcomes.


Extends Patient Care

Sparks content and communications support patient needs over the entire health journey, extending patient care beyond the physician.


Supports Quality Measures

Sparks content and communication improve patient satisfaction and effectiveness of care plan guidelines.

Spark Content Program

Use Cases 

TeleHealth Services

Patients receive texts with educational videos, questions to ask, and how to prepare for their telehealth visit. Post visit, patients recieve texts with treatment specific videos, diagnosis information, and care tips.

At-Home Diagnostics, Monitoring, & Treatment

Patients receive texts with reminders, and action prompts focused on how to use a device, how to care for a device, how to improve their treatment routine, tips and tricks, FAQs, and patient testimonials.

Clinical Trials

Participants receive texts with forms, instructions, and educational videos throughout the trial. 


Patients receive texts with pre-surgery preparation steps, forms, FAQs, and educational videos. Post surgery, patients receive at-home care guides, care plans, care routine prompts, rehab instructions, tips and tricks, and FAQs.

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