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About Us

We humanize healthcare marketing.

Our Collective is made up of healthcare experts, marketing strategists, and multimedia designers that come together to create clear and compelling stories.

Our Core Values


Healthcare Expertise

As healthcare specialists, we will quickly come up to speed in your market, product, and company to become you brand's most powerful advocates.


Comprehensive Capabilities

We provide broad expertise across the spectrum of marketing and sales enablement needs, matching you with what you need, when you need it.


Modern Design

We believe that a highly regulated industry doesn't have to stifle creativity. We effectively communicate complex topics with modern, data-driven design.


Value Conscious

Our unique Collective business model allows us
to deliver high-quality work, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Our Story

Our founder, Kavita Bouknight, spent 20+ years introducing healthcare technology to the world. Repeatedly, she noticed that innovations in this industry were not matched with equally innovative marketing.

In response to this gap, she created Match Health Collective: an agency devoted to matching healthcare with cutting-edge marketing. Our Collective simplifies complex concepts to reach more people and drive growth.

By providing our clients with exceptional marketing, we inspire change, promote social good, and empower people to match with the best in healthcare.

Meet The Team

Kavita Bouknight
Founder, CEO

Sophie Carr
Production Manager

Emily Temple
UX/UI Lead

Sarah Young
Senior Brand Manager

LeeAnna White
Social Media Specialist

Rachel Mira
Creative Lead

Eunice Renovalles
Graphic Designer

Ready to collaborate?

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